Our Story

Who & Why? 


My name is Jon Walters, and I love the Fargo-Moorhead community, almost as much as I love the outdoors. Originally from a small village in Wisconsin called Kewaskum, I spent a lot of time in the wilderness to keep myself entertained. Between Boy Scout adventures, countless family outings, and living in the Kettle Moraine State Forest, my life was spent in nature year round. 

After moving to Fargo in 2014, I became heavily involved in the startup community and had the opportunity to be involved with the beginnings of 1 Million Cups Fargo. Each week a new story of passion would inspire me even more than I was from the previous week, and I knew it was only a matter of time until I found a way to give back to the community in a way that I was truly passionate. 

That was until Spring of 2016, where I was having a short discussion with a close friend at Island Park in Fargo, where we realized that in order to build a thriving community we needed to embrace our local outdoor recreation. From that point on, I have not been able to turn back. 

Our Vision

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To Unplug & Recharge

Technology and the constant inputs of life has left us burned out. It's time for us to "unplug" and head into nature to recharge.

The Fargo Moorhead Area and many others like it, is full of passionate community leaders and people that are willing to give of themselves to make a better place to live. Unfortunately this has left our community burned out and unable to continue pushing forward. Nature of the North is my way to give back.

By unplugging from technology and going into nature with friends, colleagues, and family, we can truly engage with each other and ourselves. When you are no longer taking pictures, sending snaps, or reading articles on Facebook, we are all able to fully enjoy our experiences and build these relationships. 

After a trip into nature without the constant "inputs" from daily life, you find a calmness that cannot be duplicated. Through this calmness, our community can begin to grow once again.


To Breakdown Barriers

Even though most people need vacations in their lives now more than ever, the thought of going on a nature experience can seem overwhelming. Time, Knowledge, Gear, and Cost are the usual suspects, and because of them we quickly decide that maybe that vacation can just wait.

Arranging schedules, reserving campsites, renting gear, planning meals, and the overall logistics of planning an outdoor adventure is the least fun part for most. But not us...

We want to plan everything for you. From the moment you decide you want to be outdoors until you take your first step into nature, we don't want you to stress about anything. We'll do it all, even the grocery shopping and the occasional beer run. 


To Create Experiences

Simply being outdoors isn't always enough. Our goal is to plan out a trip that is perfect for your group and ensure the best possible experience. Through our trips, we hope to inspire individuals to opt outside on a regular basis in their daily lives. 

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