Why Knot? (A Knot Tying Workshop)

One of the most essential outdoor adventure skills is knot tying, it can make or break any experience. 

Join us to learn how to hang your hammock the right way so you don’t end up with your butt in the snow, give a tarp the kind of dependable rigging you can trust to hold up all night long, and finally get that Christmas tree on the roof of your car without the salesman’s help.

We'll be teaching you three (3) of our favorite knots that help us get outside, as well as a few non-traditional rope handling skills to make you look like a pro! We’ve been perfecting this course and we’re so excited to share what we have built with you.

A huge thanks goes out to M. Schleif Photography for capturing all of these great moments. Morgan is one of the best event photographers in the Fargo Moorhead Area and so glad to have her a part of the team.